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VARADERO...nostalgia azul por Alejandro F Pascual. Firmado por el autor. New  Mint Libro en espanol 115 Paginas 105 ilustraciones antes del 1959 $ 22.00 + $1.envio = $23.00  22.00

United States
2011 " CUBA Y EL CAYO HUESO DE AYER " Libro en espanol escrito por Alejandro F. Pascual 110 paginas New  Mint Capitulos: Cayo Hueso, Galeones y Esclavos, Narciso Lopez, Los Tabaqueros, Jose Dolores Poyo, El San Carlos, Jose Marti, Calles del Penon, Remember the Maine, Agustin Parla y Domingo Rosillo, Aeromarine y Panam, Mario Sanchez y Hemingway.  19.00

United States
2013 Key West: Passion for Cuba's Liberty . A book by Alejandro F.Pascual. Signed by author. New  Mint The epic history of the Cubans in Key West from 1868 to 1902. Shipping cost is $1.50 USA, $2.00 elsewhere   19.00
United States
1997 Key West Cigar City USA by Dr. Loy Glenn Westfall. 85 colorful pages. Over 60 illustrations.   Used but like new. A jewel of Key West history XIX Century. The Cuban years of Key West.  20.00
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