A country's philatelic legacy provides a glimpse into its history. Below is a listing of Cuban stamps from 1855 to 1960. The list is presented in chronological order so that you can follow the various historical periods.

From 1855 to 1898 you will see the stamps issued by Spain during the Colonial Period, which are mostly royalty portraits and national symbols. Notice the early imperforated stamps before 1867. Before perforations came into use, stamps were cut from the sheet with small blades.

As the US forces occupied Cuba and the Spanish American War concluded with the Treaty of Paris in 1898, a set of US stamps were overprinted to be used in Cuba. Soon after, still under US administration, the first stamps of the Republic of Cuba were issued.

In the 1940s and 1950s the larger sets such as Columbus, Maceo, Marti, flag, and other issues are masterpieces of design and engraving.

Each stamp, in many instances, depicts an episode of Cuba's history. Some salute Cuba's national heroes. Others promote Cuba's national products or commemorate special events.

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Stamp Year Description New/
Condition Price
Cuba 1-4
1855 The first issue of Cuba and Puerto Rico as colonies of Spain. Queen Isabella II. Imperforated.CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. Used  Hinge Removed   31.00
Cuba 5-8
1855 In 1855 and 1856 numbers 3 and 4 were surcharged Y 1/4 for use inside Havana city limits. Y= Ynterior   NOT FOR SALE. GALLERY ONLY  0.01 SOLD
Cuba 7
1855 For use inside Havana city limits. Y= Ynterior Used  Hinge Removed   150.00
Cuba 9-11
1856 Queen Isabella II issue of 1856. Used  Hinge Removed Cross lines watermark. Small back disturbance.  31.00 SOLD
Cuba 12-14
1857 The 1857 issue. Queen Isabella II. Used  Hinge Removed   16.00
Cuba 16-21
1862 Queen Isabella II issues from 1862 to 1864. New  Hinge Removed Hinge remnants and gum disturbance as expected.  101.00 SOLD
Cuba 23-26
1866 Queen Isabella II full issue of 1866 New  Hinge Removed possible hinge remmants and low gum.  71.00 SOLD
Cuba 27-30
1867 Queen Isabella II, 1867 issue. New  Hinge Removed Take note 28 is used. Some gum disturbance.  61.00 SOLD
Cuba 31-34
1868 The 1868 issue. Queen Isabella II. New  Hinge Removed Notice that 32 is used. Slight gum flaws.  51.00 SOLD
Cuba 38-41
1869 Queen Isabella. New  Hinge Removed Notice 41 is used. Small gum flaws.  75.00 SOLD
Cuba 42-45
1869 38-39 overprinted "Habilitados por la Nacion."   NOT FOR SALE . GALLERY ONLY  0.01 SOLD
Cuba 46-49
1870 " Espana " 1870 issue. Used  Hinge Removed Look careful at image. 46 has flat margins and so does 49 at the top.  101.00
Cuba 54-57
1873 Full King Amadeo issue of 1873. Used  Hinge Removed   61.00
Cuba 58-62
1874 The full "Espana" issue of 1874. (Alegoria de la Republica) New  Hinge Removed Very crisp  181.00
Cuba 61, N0
1874 Correo Mambi, insurrect mail. Issued by the patriots fighting Spanish colonial rule during the Ten Year War (Guerra de los Diez Anos). New  Mint Never Hinged This stamp is not listed by Scott.Edifil Correo Insurrecto 1 Slight gum disturbance.   75.00
Cuba 63-66
1875 Spain's coat of arms, ultramar full issue. Crisp. Used  Hinge Removed Low back gum as expected.  16.00
Cuba 67-70
1876 King Alfonso XII .Ultramar. New  Hinge Removed   17.00
Cuba 71-75
1877 King Alfonso XII 1877 full issue. New  Hinge Removed   46.00 SOLD
Cuba 76-81
1878 King Alfonso XII 1878 full issue. New  Hinge Removed Possible hinge remnants and minor gum flaws. Very fresh set.  65.00 SOLD
Cuba 82-87
1879 King Alfonso XII full 1879 issue. Fresh , crisp looking set. New  Hinge Removed Some units are soft on gum. 83 has stain on upper left side.  111.00 SOLD
Cuba 88-93
1880 King Alfonso XII 1880 full set. New  Hinge Removed Possible hinge remnants and small gum flaws. A very fresh set.  111.00 SOLD
Cuba 94-99
1881 King Alfonso 1881 full issue. New  Hinge Removed Possible hinge remnants and small gum flaws. A very fresh set.   105.00 SOLD
Cuba 106-108
1883 Type "a" surcharges of 1883. New  Hinge Removed Hinge marks  26.00 SOLD
Cuba 112-114
1883 Type "c" surcharges of 1883. New  Hinge Removed   44.00 SOLD
Cuba 115-117
1883 Type "d" surcharges of 1883. New  Hinge Removed Hinge remnants and gum disturbance. 116 has tiny pinhole in upper right corner.  43.00
Cuba 132-155
1890 1890-97 full issue. King Alfonso XIII. New  Hinge Removed Scott 2010 catalog value of $265.95. Please notice that 141 and 147 are used.  180.00 SOLD
Cuba 155, N0
1896 Correo Mambi, insurrect mail. Issued by the patriots fighting Spanish colonial rule during the War of Independence.Edifil Correo Insurrecto 2 to 5. New  Hinge Removed These stamps are not listed by Scott.  160.00 SOLD
Cuba 156-174
1898 1898 King Alfonso XIII Tipo infante type. Used  Hinge Removed Notice the top value, 175, is not part of this set.  71.00
Cuba 175, N0
1897 Non postal set issued by the Cuban Junta in Philadelphia circa 1874, headed by Marcos Morales, to gather funds for the war against Spain. Rejected due to mispelled of "libre". New  Mint Never Hinged   51.00 SOLD
Cuba 176-220
1898 These are samples of the "Puerto Principe" issue. They circulated during USA administration in the Camaguey region. Many counterfeits exist.   NOT FOR SALE. GALLERY ONLY  0.01 SOLD
Cuba 176, N0
1898 This issue never circulated as the Treaty of Paris ended the Spanish American War. Thus ending Spain's colonial rule over Cuba. New  Hinge Removed This issue does not appear in Scott and does not have a Scott number.Partial issue.  21.00
Cuba 227-231
1899 First issue of the republic under USA administration. Used  Hinge Removed   11.00
Cuba 232
1902 Scott 229 surcharged. New  Hinge Removed   5.00 SOLD
Cuba 238
1907 General Antonio Maceo single. New  Hinge Removed   2.00
Cuba 239-246
1910 First patriots issue. Please take note that 242 is used. New  Hinge Removed some hinge remnants, some light in gum. Very fresh condition.  31.00 SOLD
Cuba 247-252
1911 Second patriots issue. New  Hinge Removed Fresh set but slight gum disturbance.  16.00
Cuba 253-262
1914 The Mapitas , small maps issue. Used  Hinge Removed   41.00
Cuba 263
1914 The poetess Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda single. New  Hinge Removed   14.00
Cuba 264-273
1917 Patriot's issue and varieties. Used  Hinge Removed   23.00
Cuba 317-318
1933 Marti de la Luz overprints. Used  Hinge Removed   7.00
Cuba 322-323
1936 President Jose Miguel Gomez and his monument. New  Hinge Removed   3.00 SOLD
Cuba 324-331
1936 Matanzas Zona Franca issue regular mail component. New  Hinge Removed IMPERFORATED  41.00 SOLD
Cuba 324-331, C18-C21, CE1, E8
air mail
special delivery
1936 Matanzas Zona Franca full issue including the special delivery and air post special delivery unit. New  Hinge Removed Please notice C20 is used. Some are mint  81.00 SOLD
Cuba 332-336, C22-C23, E9
air mail
special delivery
1936 General Maximo Gomez birth centennial complete with airmail and special delivery units. New  Hinge Removed   31.00
Cuba 337-339
1937 Cuban sugar industry. New  Hinge Removed   3.50
Cuba 340-354, C24-C29, E10-E11
air mail
special delivery
1937 The full writers and artists issue . Used  Hinge Removed This set contains some very difficult to find items.  91.00 SOLD
Cuba 355
1937 Centennial of Cuba's railroad surcharged. Used  Hinge Removed   3.00
Cuba 356-358
1939 The first tobacco issue. Cuban cigars.CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. New  Mint Never Hinged   11.00
Cuba 359-360
1939 General Calixto Garcia imperforated issue. New  Hinge Removed   9.00
Cuba 361
1940 Gonzalo de Quesada single. New  Mint Never Hinged   2.50
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